New York: Whyos
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Whyos claim territory down by the docks. The members are mostly young street kids who see themselves as fighting some of the same issues that led to the riots in New York’s history. At the forefront of some of these riots were the original Whyos gang. This gang emerged in the late 1870’s and held power over large parts of Manhattan for almost 10 years.

Their Alpha, Jett Martin, doesn’t want to duplicate the activities of the gang, but hopes to use the name as a reminder of sorts so that history doesn’t continue to get repeated.

Most of the kids in this pack are united by the common thread of losing the lottery of birth. Jett is brilliant, but his family couldn’t afford much in the way of formal education and the schools he attended were overcrowded. His boredom wasn’t taken as a sign of needing a challenge but as a behavioral issue. His wolfblooded anger issues didn’t help his case.

He dropped out of school, but has a distinct feeling that if he had been born to a different family then he would be off at a good college and on his way to med school. People like to talk about opportunities for underprivileged  youth, but those stories are few and far between. Feel good news stories, blips on a college resume, pictures in a Christmas card of everyone volunteering. But the statistics don’t move in a good way.

Whyos isn’t a pack discouraged, just a bit jaded. These are kids who watched the system fail them in one way or another. Many are activists of some kind, have criminal records or a chip on their shoulder. Some are all of the above.