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New York: Dawnfall
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Dawnfall is the pack that took over Mercury Unlimited’s territory to keep it from the Pure.

Their alpha is an Elodoth Hunter in Darkness named Rocco “Lazarus” Baptiste. He earned his deed name during the same attack that killed many of the MU wolves, when one of the pure ripped open his belly and left him for dead. The damage was intense and he should have died, but he managed to hold himself together (literally) and make it back to his own pack for reinforcements. It’s this act that prevented the MU lands from falling to the Pure.

He and Elianna Bayard have worked out some sort of deal that allows her to come and go as she pleases, maintain the MU company and live in their territory even though she refuses to officially join them.

Rocco owns a used car dealership and service center cleverly named ‘Rocco’s’. And while he isn’t exactly a slimy dude, he is a used car salesman.

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