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New York: Chrysaor
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Mathias Agrona came from Wolfridge to follow his mate, Jessica Jackson, after Mercury Unlimited fell. They didn’t want to live in the city proper, so they looked for place far enough away to provide a buffer and close enough for easy travel. Mathias didn’t know when he came here that he wouldn’t be going home.

Or that he’d miss the fall of the wall around Wolfridge and the death of his pack and family. He’d left Agrona, but he’d never stopped being an Agrona.

The pack he found when they got to their new home wasn’t a pack. It was a bunch of refugees who were desperate for leadership. A leadership that he never saw himself giving but found himself unable to hold back. He became their Alpha, and he named them after Chrysaor as a nod to himself and his Greek roots.

Pegasus is one of the most well known creatures in Greek mythology. He sprang from Medusa when her head was cut off, but he didn’t spring to live alone. He had a brother, a human looking young man named Chrysaor (he who has the golden sword) who went on to be the King of Iberia. The name reminds Mathias that while he may never be man from his family that will be remembered in stories for generations, it doesn’t mean he isn’t the best fit to lead his people.

His pack surrounds the DU training complex. And many of his pack help with it, being in unique positions to understand what these recruits may have experienced. Despite Jessica’s urging, he wont officially align himself with the DU. But he does consider a number of these kids to be almost like his adopted kids.

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