Welcome to Graven Lore…enter if you dare! Vampires and werewolves and other horrific creatures are brought to life by YOU. It’s a place where death may be around the corner, stalking you. Can you make death your friend? Or will you run from his bony grip in terror?

Graven Lore is a World of Darkness setting played in forums. We encourage players to be creative and write rich stories, working cooperatively with other players to weave together an imaginative world and setting full of interesting, fun characters. But, we also seek a balance between writing and roleplay. The site isn’t just about creating a cooperative fiction story, it is also a roleplay/rollplay site and to reach that balance, we have a Discord Dice Roller available for players to roll dice in order to resolve contested actions, disputes and anything else in game which may come up.

Step inside this Graven world and let the Lore begin!

Graven Lore

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